Hudson Real Estate: A Commitment to Excellence to Our Residents and Clients.

It is our goal to provide satisfaction and quality apartment living to our residents by providing them with professionally trained, qualified management and maintenance employees to serve them in their apartment living experience.

Our on-site staff people are the apartment communities’ front line representatives and spokespeople for all layers of organizational authority in our company.  A prospective resident’s impression of the company and the community is initially based on his or her first contact at the apartment.  By dealing directly with the customer, our staff represents our entire organization.  We instill a positive attitude and a passion for excellence in our on-site staff that is reflected in outstanding results in the operation of the properties resulting in satisfied residents and clients.

The structure of our organization is important; we are all part of a team, with each part relying on the others.  Success comes from understanding the company and its different levels working together toward common goals.

Being part of a professional management team means providing excellent service to our residents and to our clients.  Hudson Real Estate is dedicated to the success of the communities we manage.  This success is achieved by maximizing property income—setting competitive rent levels, maintaining high occupancy levels, collecting delinquent rents, implementing productive marketing strategies and using aggressive resident retention programs, all the while minimizing expenses without compromising the integrity of a sound maintenance program.